title: It Is In All Ways Remarkable
type: ideas competition
program: waterfront redevelopment
host: Steedman Fellowship; Washington University in St. Louis
year: 2010
collaborator(s)/Supporter(s): Katharine Meagher
result: Honorable Mention

The ambition of this proposal is to find a logical way to accept the reality of the river economy. While extensively concentrations of industrial areas are incompatible with natural systems, their elimination would also destroy the lifeblood of the city. Similarly, to propose a park in their place would fail to address the complexity of urbanism and the realities of a thriving economy. However, to leave Saint Louis’ industrial areas untouched would continue the current practice of miss-use and further the disconnection between the city’s residents and the Mississippi. Therefore, the proposal is to consolidate and control Saint Louis’ riverfront industry through the development and specific siting of spatially efficient industrial towers. Where previously the riverfront landscape served as a repository for low-rise economic activity, this proposal strives to architecturally contain and vertically stack industrial activity thereby freeing up valuable land—initially for ecological and recreational purposes—while significantly reducing damaging run-off and seepage. By interiorizing commercial activity, industries such as coal, petroleum and recycling can further share—beyond mechanical and information systems—access points to transportation networks, from docks to truck-loading bays, increasing efficiency and localizing commercial transportation through the city.