2015.02.09 / J. Arthur Liu begins work at Studio Gang NYC.
2014.11.17 / J. Arthur Liu and K S Meagher attend Venice Biennale Finissage.
2014.10.19 / Project APT 2B completed.
2014.08.20 / J. Arthur Liu becomes NCARB certified.
2014.07.25 / Parsons Summer Intensive final review - thanks to K Niemenen, K S Meagher, N Petty and D Cowdrey for serving on jury.
2013.12.10 / J. Arthur Liu becomes a registered architect in the State of New York.
2013.05.30 / J. Arthur Liu attends 362nd Harvard Commencement and accepts Master of Architecture Degree with Distinction.
2013.04.13 / J. Arthur Liu completes KPF Fellowship report 1st draft.
2013.04.06 / Thanks to Victor Tzen for invitation to participate in Syracuse University Thesis mid-review in New York space.
2013.04.01 / Warp-O-Whirl (WoW) Folly featured on The Architecture League website.
2013.03.19 / J. Arthur Liu arrives in Cuba.
2013.02.15 / J. Arthur Liu and K S Meagher's project Warp-O-Whirl (WoW) Folly selected to be featured on The Architecture League competition website.
2012.11.20 / J. Arthur Liu leaves Rotterdam, NL, on a European adventure with K S Meagher.
2012.07.27 / Parsons Summer Intensive final review - thanks to K Niemenen and K S Meagher for serving on jury.
2012.04.26 / J. Arthur Liu named winner of KPF Fellowship.
2012.04.18 / J. Arthur Liu accepts summer internship at Thomas Phifer and Partners.
2012.04.12 / J. Arthur Liu will teach at Parsons Summer Intensive Studies.
2012.03.27 / Harvard GSD selects J. Arthur Liu as KPF Fellowship Finalist.
2012.03.23 / J. Arthur Liu selected to participate in GSD Rotterdam studio with Rem Koolhaas.